Massachusetts Reporting Change January 4, 2021

Somebody or multiple people at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health have way too much time on their hands.   The Commonwealth changed the reporting structure of the daily dashboard once again.  Quite frankly, I think the state should focus more on developing a strategy for getting people vaccinated and focus less on changing the dashboard report structure. The files that I used for my analysis have changed as well – I will now work on seeing if all the data I had used for my data updates is still available, and adapt accordingly. Stay tuned.

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A crucial metric is the percent positive rate and they made that very opaque. I hope that they make this clearer going forward. They’re going in the wrong direction on reporting in that each time they change the format, it seems to be for the worse.

All that said, we’re a week and a half past Christmas. The percent positive rate is high but doesn’t appear to be spiking – yet. Hospitalizations are also increasing but those increases aren’t yet spiking. Keep on keeping on, everyone and be well!

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