Data Update

Massachusetts Data Update August 29, 2020

Case positivity rates remain at or near pandemic lows. The trailing 7 day average positivity rate for individuals is 1.5%. This is just up a tick from the pandemic low of 1.4%. The 7 day average positivity rate based on tests is at 1.0% – 0.4% for retested individuals, and 1.5% for newly tested individuals. The 1.0% figure is a pandemic level low. The positivity rate including suspected cases is 1.7%, also a pandemic level low.

The trailing 7-day reported death total of confirmed and suspected cases is 17. This has moved up somewhat during the past several days, but has hovered between 13 and 17 since mid-July. The great majority of deaths continue to come from long-term care facilities – over the past week, about 70% of deaths have been in long-term care facilities.

The 7-day trailing average of reported cases (confirmed and suspected) is 352 (adjusted for the absence of reporting on August 23). While this is higher than during most of July, this is due to increased testing, as positivity rates now are lower than they were throughout July. Testing has ramped up considerably, with about 17,000 new individuals tested on average each day in August so far, compared to about 12,000 each day during July.

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