• Massachusetts Reporting Change January 4, 2021
    Somebody or multiple people at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health have way too much time on their hands.   The Commonwealth changed the reporting structure of the daily dashboard once again.  Quite frankly, I think the state should focus more on developing a strategy for getting people vaccinated and focus less on changing the dashboard … Read more
  • Massachusetts Data Update December 30, 2020
    It’s deja vu all over again.  (But worse).  A few days before Thanksgiving, test positivity rates, which had begun to level off after sharply rising through much of the fall, began to increase significantly again. A few weeks after Thanksgiving, positivity rates had once again started to level off and even decline somewhat from the … Read more
  • Massachusetts Age Analysis Update December 19, 2020
    This is an update to the post in early November that looked at cases and deaths by age cohort over time. As I noted in that post, because of the shortcomings of the data supplied by the state, I developed a methodology to estimate this information from the Massachusetts Weekly Public Health Report. The issues … Read more
  • Massachusetts Data Update December 23, 2020
    Testing positivity rates remain at elevated levels, but are down from their highs – just in time for what will likely be a spike as a result of Christmas gatherings. All positivity rates are at levels last seen in early December, with the exception of the rate for repeat testers, which is at its highest … Read more
  • Massachusetts Data Update December 17, 2020
    It has been over a week since my previous post, with very little change in the statistics other than hospitalizations. Testing positivity rates generally are somewhat higher than those reported in the prior post, but the large increases in positivity rates seem to be abating. However, even if the current case and positivity rates level … Read more